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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Scrap Nerds Shop Is Open

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

Not much time left to hop around and grab all of those Nerd Alert Freebies.  Get on it fast.  My previous blog has all of the stops and of course, a freebie for ya.

I've got another FREEBIE ready for you as well, thanks to the generous ladies at The Scrap Nerds.  I am such a scrap nerd.  I scrap every single day and sometimes for hours and hours.  I'm an addict.  I'll admit.

Sow what are The Scrap Nerds?  We've got a shop full of amazingly talented designers.  We've got a forum, a Facebook Page and we are all over Pinterest, too.  The blog and newsletters are currently in the making and almost ready, too.  Yay!

The ENTIRE SHOP is 40% OFF!  Kits of all kinds, bundles, collaborations....Everything!  It is so unreal! I can't believe it.  Let me show you some great deals, what I made with some of the free and purchased goodies as well as that freebie I promised.

Check out some of the awesome stuff in the store like the fantastic collaboration for only $3!!!  Click on any image to take you to the shop.

 Collective Miss Mis Designs

 AK Designs Magical Scraps Galore

 FREEBIE from TCOT                       TCOT

Check out the Nerd Alert collaboration that's FREE!  Hop around and grab al of these goodies.  Mine is the one posted here, too.  Click on it to get to the blog for the links and the freebie.

I've got some layout love I made with the store's collaboration, Sun Kissed.  I love the coulrs and of course, the summery theme.

Here's a great example of some of the beautiful products you'll find in July's Collaboration, Sun Kissed.  So many goodies!

This is the quick page I have for.  Find an awesome summer picture you have and blow it up to fit as your background, just like I did on my layout above.  Joey, SAS, Neia and Katie all have pieces in this great collaboration.  Thanks to them, you've got this great freebie.  If you are all about the FREEBIES, then you HAVE to visit my Facebook Page, The Cherry On Top. I've got a lot, everyday!

 Free quick page

Thanks for visiting The Cherry!  Make sure ya do it a'gin!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

TCOT's Weekly Menu Planner #18

Welcome back to another, fabulous, weekly menu planner.

Isn't planning menu's great?!  Save time, money, hassle and eat healthier.  So, here's what's on tap for this week!

Meatless Monday: polenta with veg...

It's a holiday here for us and we'll be whipping up some BBQ!  Ribbs, polenta and corn on the cobb.  Feel free to have the same or bring home some rotisserie chicken after a hectic Monday.  You may want to have some fish with your polenta and corn if you don't want to break out the grill.  I love polenta.  It's a great potato substitute.  Here's a recipe you may want to try.  Polenta is VERY EASY to make!  Add hamburger to your tomato mix if ya gotta have your meat.


Tuesday:  slow cooker stoof vlees

What is that?!  It's basically beef stroganoff, belgian style.  They don't add the cream, but dark beer!  Ya got to let it set for hours.  That's why the slow cooker is the best!  Just dump all of your ingredients in the pot, turn it on and head off to work.  When ya get home all ya have to do is set the table!  Alternative:  If ya have the few minutes, chop up some fresh garlic and onion in the chopper.  You could leave the garlic whole and onion sliced if you plan on cooking for 8 hours or more.  Instead of water, use a dark beer!  Just make sure your mix is just covered with liquid.  If you prefer it creamy and with out beer, then add some sour cream to it when ya get home and let it all warm  through and serve.


Wednesday:  Meat, Veg...Flex

Flex day for left overs or take out.  Consider the healthy choice of staying in and enjoying some baked fish, rice and steamed green beans.  I always recommend a rice cooker.  When the rice is finished, I put in a nice pad of butter and one of those jellied bouillon cubes and stir.  Yummy and fast!  Of course, baked, steamed or grilled fish are your healthiest choices.

This image is all hooked up to a great, fast and easy, baked fish recipe.  You probably have all of the ingredients at home, already.  If ya don't have fresh lemons, use the stuff in the bottle!  Always keep that stuff on hand. 


Thursday:  Fast Fajita Salad

Man!  You are gonna love this one!  Made in minutes, fresh and just might turn out to be a family favourite!  Click on the image for the really easy recipe.


Fun Food Friday:  wings

My hubby is bugging me for wings, again!  I serve them up in traditional, American style.  Raw veggie platter with either ranch or blue cheese dressing and some fries!  Delicious!  The kids are starting to come around to them as well, but I leave off the hot sauce.  There are so many fabulous hot wing recipes out there, but we simply deep fat fry the wings in the frier, while on the stove, we melt butter and add Texas Pete hot sauce.  Then flip the wings all in the sauce.  That's it!  I'll hook ya up with another recipe.  There are actually, two different recipes here along with a dressing recipe, which I always recommend.  Make it yourself!  It's way better in flavour, you can make it like YOU like it and it's ready in mere minutes.


Saturday:  sushi

Not your thing?  Throw a pizza in the oven or consider a fishy steam up!  Place your fish, potatoes or rice and veggies all in the steamer.  Finished quickly, really easy and healthy as all get out!

I like making my own sushi.  The grocer makes it easy by having kits and some lovely fresh fish all ready for sushi making.  I can also buy fresh sushi all ready to go.  That's what I plan on do'n!  hehehe...Here's a pretty easy recipe if want to endeavour the ride.  My hubby loves to make his own sushi.  If ya love prepping stuff and really enjoy cooking, then this is for you!  You can always use canned tuna or cooked shrimp.  It doesn't HAVE to be raw.


Sunday:  chicken alfredo

People!  I am drooling over this one.  This is cajun style!  Wow!  Absolutely fabulous. 


All of the images are hooked up with brilliant recipes for your convenience.  Thanks so much for hopping over and I hope you're able to use theses recipes sometime.  Let me know if ya do!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nerd Alert Blog Bounce

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

I'm super stoked that you are here and that you're joining The Scrap Nerds in this very special opening event.  I'm sure you'll be back for all of the other amazing things we have planned.  The Scrap Nerds forum is going to be THE place to be in Digiland, that's for sure!

So, you've been hopping around and gathering all of these amazing freebies and now you're here for yet another fabulous freebie!  Don'cha just love these things?!  What a great way to add to your stash of DigiGoodies?!

Join our very chatty forum at The Scrap Nerds, our Pinterest Boards, The Scrap Nerds Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram social network places.  Wow!  Are we gonna keep you busy or what?!

What has The Cherry On Top got for you today?  Some super cute journal cards made with the goodies from Boomer's Girl Designs.  The Cherry On Top will keep you up to date on all of the major happenings at The Scrap Nerds and tons of other things.

Come check out The Cherry for all things that help make your life easier.  I have healthy, fast and inexpensive weekly menu planners posted every Sunday.  I post all kinds of cleaning, organising ideas, printables, gift ideas and a lot of child oriented ideas as well as crafty stuff.  What I do most is give away FREE stuff and promote awesome goodies and fantastic sales and deals.

The blog is updated every couple of days, but the TCOT Facebook Page and Pinterest Boards are updated every day. I've got loads of FREEBIES for you in both places!! Whooo  Whah!  Hehehe....Become one of thousands of smart cookies and become a fan of The Cherry On Top!

Here's your fabulous FREEBIE designed by The Cherry On Top.  Enjoy it and share the link with all of your other scrappy friends!  Think about gifts tags or maybe use them in your project life layouts as well as other scrappy endeavours you have.

 Free Download from The Scrap Nerds

Check out this fantastic collaboration of FREE goodies!!!

I've got a copy of the list for all of the stops if ya need it.  There sure are some great scrappy goods in this hop.  Spread the word, enjoy and make sure you join us on our social networks!

Scrap Nerds:
BoomersGirl Designs:
Jenn Summers:
Shmooangel Designs:
Joey :
Neia Arantes:
Mis Mis:
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enjoyyourpix -
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Scooty -
Magical Scraps Galore -
SAS Designs:

You come back now, ya hear?!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week #17 Menu Planner

Welcome back to this week's menu planner!

Monday:  Simple tomato and pasta

Does it get any easier than this?  Not even a recipe for this baby.  Just some images.  It's pretty small, so I'll help ya through it because it is delicious!  Making fresh pasta is the fastest, easiest, healthiest way to cook a meal.  I always have some kind of fresh pasta in the house because it lasts for weeks.  Isn't that awesome?!  This recipe is for ravioli's, but you could easily substitute tortellini, spaghetti, rigatoni...any fresh pasta will work! If you choose dried pasta, get started earlier on it because it takes 3x the time.  If you are not dig'n on the meatless Monday thing, then buy pasta with meat in it.

Let's take a look.  We've got fresh basil here, but you could put oregano, thyme, parsley, etc. I would definitely add GARLIC and onion. It's all really good and super healthy.  I always keep fresh herbs in my kitchen window sill, both inside and outside.  They cost nothing, last a long time, are healthy and makes your meals SOOOOO much better!

Prepare your FRESH pasta according to directions or use dry,  knowing it takes longer.  Then either use a jarred sauce (withOUT sugar) or better yet and 'tis the season, use fresh tomatoes and sautee in olive oil or butter (in this recipe).  Add your salt and pepper and leave the fresh herbs for the last minute or two.  Fresh herbs do not need long to cook, but dried ones do.  If you are using dried herbs, then let them cook the entire way through with your fresh tomatoes.  When everything is nice and soft, you're set.  The pasta should also be finished!  How easy was that?!

Tuesday:  flex day/meat, starch, veg

A flex day is good for left overs or some Chinese take out.  What about baking some drum sticks, grilling a steak or sautéing some sausage?  I'll be making sausage, these camp fire potatoes and broccoli.


Wednesday:  slow cooker swiss steak


One of my Facebook Fans asked for a slow cooker meal.  I'm super happy to oblige because I love using my slow cooker!  Put your ingredients in in the morning and it's ready when you get home.  The house smells great and dinner's ready!  All you have to do is set the table.  I chose a recipe with super easy ingredients that you can find anywhere because she lives in South Africa and I'm not sure just what you can and can't get there.  Fingers crossed that this one will work.  It looks really, really fabulous.  I love cooking with sherry.  It's a permanent feature on my stove top.  I often use it in place of dry white wine, too.  This would be so awesome with some french fries to dip in that delicious sauce or mashed potatoes.  Mmmmm....

Thursday:  toasted chicken Philly cheese steak


Grab some French or Italian bread on your way home or use the half baked bread for the healthiest choices.  You could use tortillas, pitas, kaiser rolls, anything would work!  I love a hoagie style roll like they suggest.  Of course, beef would be great, sausages...Mix it up and enjoy!

Fun Food Friday:  Smoked Salmon Pizza


This looks totally awesome!  I am totally going to make it.  I bought all of the ingredients and can't wait!  They use creme fraische, but I will use Philadelphia cream cheese. To make some short cuts, you could always use the crust that's prepared in the grocer's, but know it's not nearly as healthy.  If this ain't yo' thaang, then just order some take out pizza.  Hehehe...

Saturday:  cheesy ham, potato and BACON casserole


My stomach is actually growling as I'm typing and this one is really making my mouth water.  Wow!  I'll keeping this one on tap because I just got back from Spain and I have a plantain I want to make.  However, I will be making something similar to this.  Platinos cubed, potatoes cubed, diced green onions, prepared ground hamburger, cheddar cheese, cilantro and salt and pepper.  I'll let ya know how it goes!  It's my own concoction, but I think it should be fabulous.

Sunday:  Skillet Chicken Parmasean


This recipe promises to be ready in 20 minutes.  I love that!  I'm serving mine with fresh spaghetti pasta.

I am so looking forward to this week's menu.  I hope you are as well.  I've mentioned it often, if you like what ya see, let me know.  If I get enough responses, I'll make shopping lists for ya.

I have a food board on Pinterest if you like easy, healthy meals like the ones here.  I also have a board dedicated to my weekly menus that you can get easy access to.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll see ya next week!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Throwing Some Scraps Around Free Quick Page

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

I just returned from a couple of weeks in Spain!  Wow!  What a great vacation it was.  Now, I have a ton of blogging to do.

I promised my Facebook Fans that I would treat them when I get back.  So, I teamed up with Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around and used her new kit, "What Makes You Special".

Boy, have we got some great freebies and awesome deals for you.  Let's take a look at the kit, first.  It's on sale for 50% off which makes it under $2!!!


We are sticking with the trend by including journal cards that are great for project life type of layouts like this one.  My boys in Calpe, Spain.  They climbed the Pinon!  I am so glad I didn't go.  They were inches away from death for hours.  They have no concept of danger, so they loved it!!!  I would have never made it physically or mentally!  LOL!

Jodi always has the prettiest elements in her kits.  I'm shooing off a bunch of them as well as those gorgeous journal cards in this next layout.  A hint of bling is always my thing.

Head over to Throwing Some Scraps Around's blog to find out how to get these two free quick pages for nut'n!

 TSSA Freebie

 tssa freebie

Here is your FREE quick page from The Cherry On Top.  Share the link around with your friends.  If ya just love the FREE stuff then you have to head to my FB Page.  I post FREE stuff there every single day.

 TCOT Freebie

With all of these lovely goodies, you can make someone a lovely mini! Thank you for stopping by.  Make sure ya do it again.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Menu Planner #15

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu Planner!

I'm probably sitting in Spain right now, sipping on some lovely sangria while enjoying the view of the pools, ocean and mountains.  Finally!  We haven't been on this kind of vacation in years and having two boys with Autism makes life a little tougher.  So, this vacation is well in need.  Hehehe...

I'm writing this one up early and set'n the schedule to post while I am away.  I'll cross my fingers that it works.

Let's get started!

Monday:  Caprese Salad With Grilled Flank Steak

This is an awesome recipe.  I love salads like this.  Use your grill pan and the steak will be ready in minutes.  Mozzarella is so yummy and will fill the tummy, too!  This recipe is easy to whip up and of course, really good for ya, too!  Click the picture to get the recipe.  It's ready fast and don't worry that there is no starch.


Tuesday:  fish, starch, veg

This is a way too, easy tilapia recipe for you.  Ready in mere minutes!  I love that.  Now what do you want to make with it?  I say, get the steamer ready.  Add some fresh green beans and rice or some small potatoes and steam away while you prepare the fish and set the table.


Wednesday:  meat, veg, pasta

This here recipe is a pasta primavera with Italian sausage.  Click on the image to get hooked up.  I love all the veggies in here.  Feel free to switch some out or puree the ones that the family isn't so keen on.  If spicy ain't yo' thang, than leave it out.  I think chicken in this dish would be awesome!


Thursday:  flex day

Feel free to bring some hoagies tonight.  Give yourself a break from the kitchen or if you wanna stay true to the home cooked menu, then I would like to introduce you to this dish.  My mom made this as well.  There are so many variations you can use as well as cooking methods.  I thought it would be a great basic recipe for you.  Most people love this Polish Style, Kilbasa.  Throw it in the crock pot and it's ready for when ya get home or cook it all up in the pot.  The sausage cooks really fast.  Just the potatoes would need some time, but were are talk'n 20 minutes here and it's ready.  (As for the water they say to add, it's fine, but make sure ya put some bouillon in it.  Just watch for the salt content because sausage usually has all the salt you need.)


Fun Food Friday:  It's the 4th of July today!  You are probably going to be heading out or hosting your own picnic!  I'd say that's all up to you!  I will give you this awesome link for festive fourth food.

4th of July recipes

Saturday:  flex

I'm keeping this a flex day because you will probably be having a lot of left overs.  If not, I'll hook ya up with an awesome sandwich recipe just in case.


Sunday:  Cajun Dirty Rice with Shrimp

I am totally looking forward to this recipe!  I loves me some dirty rice, nah!  Shrimp ain't the cheapest thing in the market. So feel free to replace it with chicken or fish.  I buy frozen shrimp. It's cheaper.  When I'm ready to cook, I soak the frozen babies in some hot tap water.  They thaw in just a few short minutes.


OK!  Off to go pack!  You go and get your shopping list together.  Make plans to come back for next week's menu planner.

Have a great, healthy eating week!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly Menu Planner #14

Welcome again, to The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu!

Hola ,Amigos! Things are get'n crazy as I prepare for a trip to Spain!  I didn't want to leave ya hanging.  I loved this weeks menu's.  So, I'm just making some alterations to it.  I'll do the same for next weeks because I won't be here!  Yay!  Hehehe...

I hope you have a trip planned for the summer.  We hardly ever leave this place.  With two, young, Autistic children, with terrible car sickness, you can understand that one!  The restaurant in our complex is amazing.  Fresh, daily made, home cooking at an unreal price!  It's such a lucky card to draw.  Paella, zarzuela, apperos...I can't wait!

Monday:  Soup N' Sandwiches (click on the image for the pumpkin soup recipe)

 pumpkin soup recipe

Home made soup is so easy to make.  Wash the veggies that are still sitting in your fridge.  Cut them up in large pieces, throw them in the pot, add some salt, pepper and maybe a touch of veggie bouillon.  (Just watch how salty it is.)

The easy version is to buy some pre made soup.  I always have soup in the cabinet!  My grocer sells an awesome organic soup in a bottle.  Just shake, open, pour in a mug and voila!  Mmmm...Check out the ingredients.  Most package soup is pretty darn good especially if there is no meat in it.

Serve up your favourite sandwich or buy a fresh French loaf and just dip!  I strongly recommend getting away from the white bread in a plastic bag with a long shelf life.  Try a bread machine.  It literally takes under 10 minutes to dump your ingredients in and turn it on.  When it beeps, you take it out and let it cool.  It is THAT easy!

Tuesday:  fish, starch,vegetable (click on image for couscous recipe)


Use your favourite fish and either bake, pan fry (in olive oil or coconut oil) or steam.  If you have a steamer, you can make an entire meal in there!  Steam broccoli, rice and your fish!  Talk about a time saver.  Throw your ingredients in the steamer, turn it on and get the table set, the kids washed up, empty the dishwasher and it's ready!

If you are wanting to stay away from starch (especially, potatoes and bread which is a great idea) then make some couscous, quinoa or bulgar.  Couscous is so so easy and fast to make!  Just add a pad of butter and season to your liking!  It goes great with fish.

Green beans, broccoli, whatever the family likes.  If you are using a lot of butter and salt, start cutting back until you don't use it at all or just a touch of butter if you have to.  Use fresh whenever you can or frozen.  Do NOT use canned foods.

Wednesday:  spaghetti/pasta

Definitely a family favourite.  Good old fashioned spaghetti.  My boys love the long noodles.  My little guy has sensory issues and cannot stand spaghetti sauce, so I just take out his pasta and put a little butter on it.  Then I serve him raw veggies.  They are the best for us and he actually likes quite a few different kinds.  NEVER stop introducing or reintroducing fruit and veg.  You might  just be surprised.  Never force, but persuade and even reward your child just for TRYING something new.

Making your own spaghetti sauce is a lot of work depending on what you like in your sauce.  Dump a can of canned tomatoes to your hamburger (if you are using meat) and shake in some spices and herbs that you like.  Use bacon or chicken in your spaghetti for something different, or no meat.  My family doesn't usually even notice!  Mushrooms are the key for this.  If you family has a problem with veggies like garlic, onion, peppers, shrooms...then put it all in the food processor.  That's what I do.  These vegetables are just so healthy, I have to use them and so should you!

You may used jarred sauce.  Just make sure there is no sugar and that you know what ALL of the ingredients are.  If you can't pronounce it, then you probably shouldn't be eating it.

Thursday:  meat, starch, veg

Choose a favourite meat like a lean steak, fish, pork chops, sausage (my kids favourite), chicken strips (not breaded if possible).

Wash and peel your potatoes AND some carrots or spinach.  Put them together and let them cook.  When finished, drain off water into a measuring cup and mash together.  That's right!  My kids do NOT eat cooked carrots or spinach, but when mixed with mashed potatoes?!  THEY LOVE IT!

Add a touch of butter, salt and either milk or a bit of that reserve liquid if you are staying away from dairy.

If you know how to whoop up a quick sauce, then pour your reserve in the pan you used for your meat and add your thickener (2 tablespoons cornstarch and 2 tablespoons cold water shaken very well).  We make a volcano and the sauce is lava.  They go nuts over this, STILL!  Hehehe...

Fun Food Friday:  Taco Buffet

So easy and another family favourite.

Choose the meat you want (fish, chicken, beef, pork) and sauté it with some Mexican seasons of your choice.  While simmering, prepare the buffet of sour cream, salsa (or cut tomatoes), guacamole (you might be surprised that the little ones actually like it even if you don't.), shredded cheese, onions, your choice of soft, hard or boat shells or a mix, then the meat.  Everyone makes their own!

Saturday:  grilled cheese (Click on image for a pimped up grilled cheese!)

 grilled cheese recipe

Once again, don't use that awful, bagged bread!  It is REALLY BAD for you.  Soften up your butter or just put the butter in the pan than slop both sides of the bread in it.  So easy, right?!  Lay in your REAL cheese and top with the other slice of buttered bread.  It only take about 3 minutes in total.  Hello?!  Serve it with some raw veggies, pickles or soup! Add a slice of ham, chicken or bacon if you like.

Sunday:  plan a BBQ!

Get the grill (or your grill pan) going!  Choose the family's favorite grill'n meat. Whip up your favourite pasta, rice or potato salad or if the kids are dying for them, some french fries.  Once a week is not a big deal. Heat or boil up your corn and voila!  Dinner is served.

For THE most awesome pasta salad, click on the image.

 pasta salad recipe

OK, you're set now with a week's worth of healthy and yummy meals.  Get a grocery list together and start eat'n right! 

*Try to eat potatoes less and less.  Look for Nicola potatoes if you have to eat them.  Potatoes promote cancer growth and wreak havoc with those suffering from diabetes and other types of inflammatory diseases.*

If you ever have questions or want to share your favourite, healthy all natural recipes, please comment.

Let me know if you are liking these menu planners.  It takes me a long time to make them and if I don't get feed back, I'll stop doing it.  I hope you are enjoying them!