Saturday, April 18, 2015

Key Lime Digi Design and a Free Template

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

Templates are hot and we've got another free one for you as well as a gorgeous, free quick page, a touch of inspiration from The Cherry On Top and an absolutely gorgeous kit from Key Lime Digi Design, Best Friends.

This kit is in no way a kit just for girls.  It's really versatile.  Sandy has the  most versatile kits in the market.  Full of tasteful elements and papers that can be used on any kind of layout and her goodies are excellent for hybrid/paper projects because they are top notch quality.

Aren't they just so cute?!  Fur buddies!

Tah dah!  Pretty amazing, right?!  Take a good long look at all of that fantastic gorgeousness.  This kit and the bundle is on a fantastic promotion for the moment.  You can get ALL of the goodies for under $6.  I know, right?!  Click on any of the previews, below and grab these goodies while they are this cheap.


A nice variety of alphas.  I used the puffy, polka dot and the green gel ones in my layouts above.


Find out how you can get a hold of this absolutely stunning freebie, quick page by clicking on the image.

 kldd blog

Here's that free template we promised created with Sandy's wonderful colour palette.  It is for personal use only.  Be a doll and share around the blog link with your scrappy friends.

 Free template

We got many more free templates on the blog.  Scroll down and grab the goodies.  Pop over to our Facebook and Pinterest for tons more free stuff, posted daily!

Have a super happy, scrappy weekend and thanks so much for popping in on The Cherry.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Spirit Within From LouCee Creations And A Free Template

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We got a start to another series of free templates for you, scrapping inspiration and a look at a gorgeous new kit from LouCee Creations available at PickleBerryPop.

I was taken the moment I saw these colours and gorgeous goodies in LouCee's newest kit, The Spirit Within.  So rich, luxurious and unique.  Totally dreamy elements and fabulous papers, too.

This was actually my second layout.  I used some of my favourite photos from a trip to Germany last year with the camper.  This boat still sits deep in my heart.  I want it!  I just saw it again last weekend and was hoping it would have a for sale on it.  Hehehe...No luck!

This is how my layout started and I prefer this one over the first layout,  It's not quite as extravagant as the layout above and it also illustrates how versatile templates can be.

You don't always have to use every thing on a template.  Delete elements, papers, shadows, turn them, rotate them...the possibilities are endless!

If you are not familiar with how to use templates or you don't even know what the heck I'm talking about, take a look at the blog I wrote up for The Pixel Loft here.  You can find out what they are and learn how to use them in various software programs.  They save a ton of time and are a great way to get your mojo going when it needs a kick.

Let's get an in-depth look at this beautiful new kit from LouCee Creations that's exclusively at PickleBerryPop.








Not all kits are created equal and this one stands out from the many.  LouCee has provided a wealth of fabulous papers or backgrounds, beautiful, inspirational word art and totally unique elements in all of the basic format shapes a scrapper needs.  Long, short, round, oval and dangling.  I love dangling ornaments and they are often hard to find.

As promised, we have a free template for you using LouCee Creations gorgeous colour palette provided by PickleBerry Pop.  Take away some of the triangles if it's too much.  Experiment with templates and if you have any questions about them, feel free to ask, right here.

 Free Template Download

We have a lot of freebies on the blog, including more free templates.  Scroll through and grab a ton of free goodies.  Our Facebook Page and Pinterest is also a fantastic resource for free stuff.  We post every darn day!  All of our freebies are for personal use only.  Please, share the links for our various social outlets.

Here's a look at the most recent freebies as well as a future, free template.  Stay tuned and thanks a ton for hanging out with The Cherry!


 tcot on FB

Future, free template.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gorgeous Freebies With Feli and The Cherry On Top

Welcome to another Scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

I'm off to Germany, again and wanted to leave my fans with a little something special.  What better than a nifty gifty with designs using Feli's gorgeous products?

Check out the entire blog to see Commercial Use and Personal Use goodies from Feli Designs, freebies designed by The Cherry On Top and learn about amazing retirement deals from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.


Above and below are some examples of Feli's Commercial Use products.



Here are a few samples of Feli's Personal Use kits.



Gorgeous, right?!

I wanted to spread the love.  I built up some papers from Feli and SugarPlum Paperie to create a page stacker that you can find over on The Cherry On Top on Facebook.

Click this image below to get there and pick up your freebie.

 Free Paper Stacker

This is what I have for fans of the blog.  A simple, sweet cluster frame that will coordinate with the paper stacker.  Click on the image to download.

 Free Frame Cluster

If you still can't get enough of Feli, I've got another sweet gift on a previous blog.  I designed this layout of my hubby and I in Spain.  Ahhh, memories!  You can grab this lovely cluster frame.

Click on the image to get to the blog for the download.


There's a huge retirement sale going on over at the Digital Scrapbooking Store.  Here a just a couple of examples of the kinds of things you can find both CU and PU.  The deals are amazing!  Click on any of the images to see the hundreds of products that are on sale for 75% off!




That's a wrap!  Feel free to check out the rest of the blog for tons of good free stuff including printables and free templates, too.  There's so much to see.  Grab a cup of jo and enjoy!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fabulous Free Paper Apron Project

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

We couldn't wait to bring this fun, easy, fast and low cost paper project to you.  Seriously, the laminate is still warm as I'm typing.  Hehehe...This project can be made within an hour and you only need a couple of materials.

We wanted a place where you could put all of our recipe cards and keep them handy or give them as a gift. (Scroll down to the bottom to get the free recipe cards.) We designed this rigid, stand alone apron with pocket to hold your recipes.  You can also hang it up and/or it will stack nicely with your other recipes, too.

Materials Needed:

recipes printed in a small format to fit in pocket (around 4")
thinnest, double sided tape or glue
buttons 2x
ribbon  approximately 4"
glue dots, gun or adhesive

Down load the template at the bottom of the page.  You can simply print it right out from here or you can click on the image and download or download the tif version available at app box also for free and design your apron like we did here with your favourite digital stash.

I used my go to kit from Just So Scrappy, With A Cherry On Top.  Isn't it absolutely fabulous?  It's an older kit, but I use it all of the time.  Click on the image to get a closer look and see more goodies in this line.  It's available at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.


Tip:  Make sure when you print you get it just the size you need.  This template worked just perfect.  Hopefully, you won't have to make adjustments.

You may want to ink around the edges of your apron.  As you can see I made two cut outs so I can stand it up like a book.  You won't need two if you are going to hang it. For edging, simply take an ink pad and wipe around the edges.  It will give a more finished feel to your projects.  I inked around both.

Laminate both of your pieces separately and your recipe cards.  This will add to the durability, you won't have to use card stock and it's ok if it gets wet.

Carefully cut around all of your laminate.  Do not cut into the paper, just before it.

Play with your pocket placement before adhering so you get in the right spot.  You may choose to make a small mark to get it right in the centre.  I used that super thin double sided tape on the three, outside edges of the pocket, leaving the top open and getting as close as possible to the edge so that there is maximum room in the pocket for your recipes.

Adhere the two apron cutouts at the top of the apron.  I used the thin double sided tape.

Look carefully and you'll see how I applied a large, flat glue dot right on to the button to adhere the ribbon.  This makes the alignment perfect and it's so easy, right?!

You may also choose to cut around the paper of your glue dot so you don't have to drag the entire roll.  This makes for much better accuracy.

Put another glue dot right over the top of the end of your ribbon so that the ribbon will be sandwiched in between the two glue dots.

Place your button on top of each glue dot, covering the end of the ribbon.

You're finished!  This card is so sturdy, it stood up no problem with this spoon against it.  You may insert your recipe cards as shown here or you can insert them horizontally as well.  They fit both ways.  You could go a tab bit larger with your recipe cards if you put them in vertically.

Hanging your apron is also an option. (Then you will not need two cut outs.) Ooh!  Hang it on a bottle of wine and use it as a tag.  Of course you could print the template out small and use them as a tag.  You could sew around the edges, too.  Customise until your heart is content with ribbon, stitches, buttons, flowers, fabric...

Here is the template.  Simply adjust the size as you wish, print and cut it out or use the tiff version with the link provided to insert your paper/background of your choice and digital elements.

 free download

Wasn't that so easy?!  Enjoy the free template.  Remember it's for personal use only.  Do not sell it as your own and please share the link of the blog.  Thanks!

If you're looking for those free recipe cards check here, here (there are 2), here
are also two, here, here and here. That's 8 delicious, healthy and easy recipes.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Market Fresh And Freebies

Hey there, Happy Scrappers!

We've got another scrappy blog, today.  We're featuring the enormous collaboration from the entire designer staff at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  Dozens of items for just $1 a pack for a limited time.  That's more than 70% off!  I love a huge sale like this and with over 30 designers, there is definitely something there to suit your taste.  From whimsical to realistic and bright and bold to soft and subtle.

My gal, Amanda from A-Manda Creation has put together a real beauty and I love it so much, I'm using it for my wall and profile pictures on both my personal and public Facebook Page.  Check out what you too can design with these gorgeous goodies.



That's me!  Hi!  Ahhh, frolicking in the flowers.  My favourite thing to do next to scrapbooking.

 TCOT Gallery at DSS

Get bold and boisterous with Plant Seeds.  How about my girls, Ginger and Blinkie and this pretty page?

 DSS TCOT Gallery

PattyB Scraps is also participating in Market Fresh and she's got this great preview showing all of her packs.  Click on the image to get there and take a better look.

A touch softer and texture so nice you can just about feel it.  I'm loving all of the beautiful flowers in this pack.

 DSS Gallery for TCOT

 Let's get whimsical and artsy with eqr Aveziur's, Market Fresh!


I'm always looking for an excuse to scrap some fabulous girlies in a uber fun page like this one!  The word art I designed and I'm offering as a freebie for you.  Keep scrolling to find it.

 DSS Gallery

My super sweet designers let me offer a couple of freebies for my fans and they've got some around, too.  You can download this free word art I designed by clicking on the image.  I also designed this cluster frame that Eva will be offering either on her Facebook Page or in the newsletter.  Keep your eyes out for it or something similar.

 Free Word Art Download

Next on board is LouCee Creations.  Also whimsical fun and fruity.  The papers are a dream as you can see a bit further down in my layout.


Told ya!  Pairing up these really jovial elements and my silly boys is an absolute blast.  Making memories can be some serious fun with great pictures and tools to work with.

 DSS gallery

I loved this layout so much, I turned it into a cluster frame for you.  Thanks to LouCee for letting me offer it to you for free.  She also has two freebies available.  Check out her FB Page and blog for the links.

 Free Frame Cluster Download

Here's just a glimpse at some other kits being offered at the Studio and there are a LOT more to check out.  Some real show stoppers I can promise you.




Keep in mind all of my goodies are for personal use only and are not to be claimed as your own or resold. Share the links around as a way to say thanks.

Here's a link for the Studio's newsletter where you can get a couple more freebies.  Why not sign up and have them sent right to your inbox?

If you are a freebie hoarder like us, scroll through previous blogs for tons of links, hit up our FB page and Pinterest where we post free stuff every single day!

Have a great day and thanks for hanging with the Cherries!